The Mind & Its Potential Conference

I was in Sydney recently for the The Mind & Its Potential Conference at the Convention Centre (December last year). An interestingly broad audience of delegates – my fellow educators were there but there were also hundreds of others who work in the caring professions – psychologists, counsellors, social workers, youth workers, medicos – in fact, any and all individuals with an interest in the science of the mind. The range of presentations from science, psychology, education, business, and the arts reflected this diversity.
I had been invited by the conference organisers to do a keynote presentation on “Less Therapy, More Challenge”, so I looked at questions like:

  • Are our efforts to create a “threat-free” environment for our kids denying them the opportunity to achieve real self-efficacy?
  • What does the research say about investing in self-esteem where it is unrelated to actual achievement?
  • How important is it to give our kids the opportunity to experience the discomfort, doubt and error-making inherent in high challenge thinking?

Here’s a pic of me on the post-keynote MIP panel chaired by Richard Adey, Life Matters presenter for ABC Radio National. Also on the panel are Baroness Susan Greenfield (leading authority on the brain and creative thinking) on my right and Dr Edward de Bono (renowned mind-mapping expert) on my left.

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